Review: Android TV-Box MXQ Pro 4K

MXQ Pro 4k is a TV-Box very easy to install. Therefore, you can install it directly after purchase without the help of a professional. You will find in the package a user manual that gives you the details and all the steps to correctly install your TV-Box Going into details, here is how to install […]

Bqeel Y5 : Our review about this TV-Box Android

Introducing the TV-Box Android Bqeel Y5 From the Bqeel brand, the Bqeel Y5 is the TV-Box model that comes after the Y2 version. At first glance, this is a device that has a good design. The Bqeel Y5 is characterized by its square shape and its more or less rounded ends. Flat, slim and black, […]

Formuler Z7+ : Our review about this Android TV-Box 4K

The TV-Boxes of Android TV  are increasingly popular among Spaniards. In fact, they are very practical, these small TV-Box will allow you to connect your Smart TV with different wireless devices in the home, but also with Internet. A TV-Box will give you the possibility to see different IPTV channels on the network easily, but […]

Our Review About The Mini PC Beelink BT3 Pro II

A mini PC is a device that is practical and interesting, and is very popular among today’s consumers. Among these mini PCs, it must be said that Beelink BT3 Pro is one of the newest and therefore most innovative models. This is exactly what pushed us to prove its real performance. Before entering this, it […]

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